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Guangbo Group won the honorary title of exemplary organization for fire protection work in 2023
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Recently, Guangbo Group won the honorary title of exemplary organization for fire protection work in 2023. Under the call of the leadership of the group party committee, all members of the company have always adhered to the principles of reverence, strengthening management rules, and guarding the safety defense line, actively organized and carried out fire safety self inspection and self correction work. In the past six months, a total of 5 special fire safety inspections have been carried out, and 2 on-site disposal training exercises have been conducted.


In the recent inspection, the entire company has worked together to eliminate fire hazards in the work environment, further strengthening the company's fire safety "firewall", and laying a solid foundation for enterprise safety production. The success of Guangbo Group in winning the title of exemplary organization in Fire Safety can not be separated from the efforts of every Guangbo person.


Under the leadership of the group company, the holding property company has also actively responded to the call.On October 20th, Guangbo International Trade Property Service Center launched the first battle of fire training at the International Trade Center, and invited the leaders of Shounan Street Emergency Management Office and the director of the Emergency Management Office to attend the site and receive professional training from professional fire protection units. With the strong support of Shounan Street and building owners, the fire training was successfully completed and received unanimous praise from both the owners and tenants. On November 3rd, the Guangbo Lijing Center Building organized a unique practical fire drill under the coordination of the management committee police. The fire drill was carried out in an orderly manner according to the predetermined plan. The purpose of the practical fire drill is to deeply understand the importance of early fire fighting, know how to correctly extinguish early fires, evacuate personnel, and use fire equipment correctly.On November 5th, the Dongqianhu Yujingwan project conducted a fire drill for all employees, allowing participants to personally experience how to use fire extinguishers correctly to extinguish fires. The fire drill was successfully completed in a tense and orderly manner.


This year's various fire safety inspections and various fire safety training exercises not only provided a vivid training course for all employees, but also allowed them to learn more knowledge in practical operations. Fire prevention is in the bud, and only by knowing how to prevent it can all employees have peace of mind in production and work.



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